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Protecting the Interest of the Seller

Broker Processing and Transaction Fees

Far too often, at the time of closing, the seller is forced to pay an additional fee referred to as a “processing fee” or “transaction fee”. Why? The simple explanation is that in most cases, the agent is receiving the bulk of the commission, thus the Brokerage passes on a “junk fee” to you, the seller. You will never see these fees at TCB Realtor.

Title Company Junk Fees

In an effort to enhance their bottom line, many Title Companies charge the seller with “junk” fees at time of closing. We will protect your interest and money and have these unnecessary fees removed from the closing. 

Exclusive Money Advance Program

In the event you want to make updates to your property but lack the ready funds we can advance the money to you. The money will be interest free for a period of time and repaid at time of closing.

Improve Your Home

A major renovation project is not recommended before you sell. You can make minor repairs and improvements that will give a fresh look to buyers. Try things such as replacing the caulk and grout in your bathroom, updating old or rusted ceiling fans and light fixtures, and changing switch plates, doorknobs and other hardware for a clean and neat appearance. Consider painting your front door and trim even if your rooms don’t need new paint.

Curb Appeal – Landscaping, keeping your landscape pristine, and adding creative touches to your yard, such as colorful annuals, will create an immediate impact on passers-by and potential buyers

Property Repairs

Simple upgrades such as window repairs, polishing the doorknobs, and a fresh coat of paint in the most frequently used rooms will instantly brighten up the property. Consider doing obvious repairs prior to listing – could save thousands of dollars

Negotiating the Offer to Purchase

All residential real estate offers to purchase are a balancing act between Time, Chattel, Price and Terms. For example, a buyer makes a full-price offer but wants the seller to pay all closing cost and close within 9 months. It is our job to successfully negotiate these terms beneficial to our clients.

The Home Inspection

Most contracts today are subject to a property inspection done by a licensed home inspector. It is our job to make sure the seller is not subjected to burdensome home inspection clauses which inhibit the seller’s options once the report is presented. We will attend the home inspection.

Property Appraisal

All contracts (except cash offers) are subject (contingent) upon the buyer’s ability to secure financing to purchase the property. The mortgage process will require a licensed appraiser to evaluate your property and produce a written appraisal report. As a result of recent legislation which controls the assignment of appraisers, the appraiser may not be familiar with local variables which could affect the value of your property. We will be sure to meet the appraiser at your property.

Is the Buyer Qualified?

Most purchase agreements are contingent upon the buyer’s ability to obtain a mortgage approval within a specified time frame from ratification. It is common practice today for the buyer (or their agent) to present a “pre-qualification letter” from a lender which purports to show the buyer is qualified for the mortgage they are seeking. But is the buyer really qualified and does the “pre-qualification” letter actually state they are qualified? In far too many cases, the answer is NO. A careful reading of the “letter” generally will show the “pre-qualification” is subject to verification of the buyers income, credit, tax returns and work history. In other words, the buyer has not been qualified otherwise they would not be asking for 30-45 days to obtain approval. With our experience in the mortgage industry, we are in a unique position to analyze the circumstances and seek additional clarification before recommending our seller accept the contingency offer.

Order Pre-Title Work

As part of our seller representation we will have a “free” title abstract ordered on the subject property within days of the property entering the market. Due to our experience in the Title Industry, we understand how fragile the documentation is in the land records. By having the abstract is advance, this will allow time to resolve any issues which may arise.


We have a full-time marketing specialist who mixes social media with traditional marketing methods to ensure your home reaches potential buyers wherever they might be looking. Your listing will be featured on our website as well as the Bright MLS,, Zillow, Trulia, and hundreds of other websites.

Professional Photography and Videography

We employ experienced full-time professional photographers to produce high quality photos and/or video to showcase your home.

Online Property Syndication

To ensure maximum exposure, we market your home through MLS distribution and syndication to thousands of real estate specific websites, including placement on heavily trafficked sites such as,,, Trulia and Zillow.

Responsive Property Pages

All of our listings receive individual ‘responsive’ property pages, where buyers can view your homes highlights, photos and videos from any device. Responsive designs are web pages built to detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and adjust the layout accordingly.

Maximum Social Media Exposure

Social media is the perfect addition to typical promotion methods on real estate sites. We utilize social media to promote our listings with targeted ad campaigns and networking groups on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest showcasing your property to thousands of potential buyers and real estate professionals.

Top Realtor & Broker Notice

We personally reach out to top Brokers & Realtors in the local area notifying them that your home has just been listed.

Home Staging Consultation

We provide complimentary staging consultation and home preparation for listing photographs and video.  Staging a house is the process of strategically arranging furnishings and decor to make a house look its best while it is on the market. This may involve paring down and refreshing your own belongings, or moving all of your own stuff out and renting furniture and decor. If needed, professional home staging services are available for a fee.

Disclosures and Inspections

We are very familiar with the legal procedures involved in disclosures and are ready to help you develop a thorough disclosure statement beneficial to both you and the buyer, as well as suggest home improvement measures before placing your property on the market (such as termite and pest inspections).