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TCB Realtor, where experience, expertise, and compassion merge for a truly unique Real Estate Experience.

Why work for TBD Realtor?

At TCB Realtor, we encourage our agents fully understanding all aspects of the business. We support our agents in continually expanding their knowledge of the real estate industry by providing superior training.

You will be given all the tools needed to become a sussessful agent.

We provide leverage in the real estate market by offering ajustable commisson rates that cannot be matched by other agencies.

Lead generation tools will be utilized to give our agents a consistent stream of clients.

Christy Software

You will have advantage of TCB Realtor’s exclusive relationship with Christy software. Christy software will give you an in-depth view of all available financial options for your clients.

Learn from the best in the busineess.

Our broker, Gary Hart, has an all encompassing knowledge of the real estate industry providing value to our agents. For over 30 years, he owned both a mortgage and title company, gaining knowledge that is simply unparalleled in the real estate field.

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