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For Buyers

Why Buy with TCB Realtor?

TCB Realtors utilize the latest technologies and mortgage options to educate you on how to locate and finance your new home. However, more importantly, we listen to your dream expectations and find solutions that are best suited to you. With many buyers, we will pay part of your closing costs which means you can negotiate better terms with the seller. You will be happy with our “buyer agency” or you can cancel the agreement at any time for any reason. For buyers of Annapolis, our goal is for you to find that special property that when you see it, you’ll know it’s the one for you. Having extensive knowledge of the many areas and the market prices of those locations is paramount to purchasing that special property at the best price possible. We work only in your best interest whether it’s negotiating the best deal for you, or how we care for your best interests through professional standards demanding the highest of ethical standards and honesty. This is where our education, experience, and values come into play to protect you, whether you’re a buyer or seller, by serving only the buyer or the seller, but never both in one transaction. If you are interested in knowing more about the absolute importance of single sided representation, we are here to discuss how this can impact you in your real estate endeavors. As an agent for a buyer, we work continually with you to not only find a property for you, but also throughout the entire process of purchasing a property. It’s important for buyers to understand that a real estate transaction is complex and not without pitfalls, so it’s vitally important to know this as a buyer and understand that working with a good agent can make a very significant difference. Remember, the seller’s broker’s job is to get the highest price possible for the seller, and the buyer’s broker’s job is to obtain the lowest possible price for the buyer.

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